Progressive Psytrance Mix – Metanoia

Ok, so the mix isn’t new but the website is, so I’m calling the mix new to make things simple. This is my first full-length published mix made with Ableton Live. This is definitely more on the progressive end than the psytrance end of things, but there are psytrance elements and most of the artists are psytrance artists. It starts off very mellow and ramps up to some more full-on stuff at the end. Some highlights for me are the first two Vibrasphere tracks, and then the X-Noise, Digitalis and Shuma tracks towards the end.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you’ve already enjoyed it I hope you enjoy it again!

Vibrasphere – Seven Days to Daylight [Unai Remix]
Vibrasphere – Floating Free [Sync24 vs. IMLGND Remix]
Antix – Le Lascard [Ohrsten Nors Remix]
Emok + Ndsa – Harbour Candy
Antix – Little Honey [Sun Controlled Species vs. Osiris Indriya Remix]
Sonic Cube – Amnesia
Lish – Outsiders
Liquid Soul – I Get A Rush
Tomic – Emotion
X-Noize – Let Yourself Go
Digitalis – The Ride [Kid Blue Remix]
Shuma – Bodyrock [Human Traffic Remix]
Kiwa – Access
GMS – Good Brick
Yahel – Coma

  1. Metanoia on the RK2 Podcast at - pingback on September 25, 2007 at 10:24 am
  2. how can i download this?

  3. Right-Click (Ctrl-Click if you’re on a Mac) the little gold CD icon with “MP3” underneath the flash player, next to the title of the mix “RypTide – Metanoia” — Then go to “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” and select where you want to put it on your hard drive and save. That’s it!

    You can also subscribe to my podcast and get all my future mixes that I post automatically when they are released. The subscribe links are at the top right of my page, under my goofy picture.

    Let me know if you have any problems.

  4. Who mixed this? i’m looking for a psytrance gruop called metanoia.

  5. Luis, I mixed it. I haven’t actually heard about a psytrance group called metanoia, but then I don’t pretend to know about every group out there. If you do find a link, I’d love for you to post it here so I can check it out.

    I hope you enjoy the mix at least. I’m sorry if the results for “psytrance metanoia” including this mix and the various links to it has slowed you significantly in your search.

  6. man, progressive psy trance is one of the toughest generes to mix,due to the unconventional intros (ambience ,glitches, early beat prescence ,late beat prescence etc….)and keys they are produced in ….ive mixed all sorts of records/cds/mp3s in my day (8yrs club djing/raves/private events etc…) and i have to say it is pretty challenging anyway I look at it.Well keep up the good work (nice flow and clean breaks w the track selection )thought I’d drop a few words in……the DS

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