Scotch Mist

Current TV has the full video for Scotch Mist, an hour-long recording of Radiohead performing In Rainbows. This is getting me through work this afternoon.

As an aside, does anyone know an easy way (preferably a WordPress plugin) to automatically syndicate what I post here in my music blog directly over to so that folks that want just the music can get it here, and get everything else, PLUS the music at the main site?

  1. I’ve played around with FeedWordPress on a couple blogs. Basically takes an RSS feed and republishes it to another blog. I remember having a bit of trouble here and there with translating links and whatnot, but haven’t checked it out again in over a year and whatever is wrong is probably hackable into right.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I installed that and I think I have it *mostly* doing what I want. I’d almost rather have it just post a link to the post here, instead of copying the whole post. There is probably some tweaking I can do to make that happen.

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