Kaossilator: The Unboxing!

My Kaossilator arrived today! Here are some unboxing pictures:

Yay for getting gear in the mail! Packing Peanuts! It comes in a pretty small box. Everything in the box Program Category and Scale List Gate Arpeggiator Pattern List Putting the batteries in. Shiny! Happy Owner!

I’ll throw up some video/audio later tonight, probably.

  1. Ernie,

    How are you liking this thing? I’ve been eyeing one, thinking that it would be a good way to play around with some ideas when I don’t feel like staring at a computer screen.

  2. I’m loving it so far. It’s a lot of fun to just mess around with. I actually carry it on the train with me when I commute.

    Right now I’m using it with my Ableton Live sets for adding elements to live remixes and original on-the-fly compositions with loops and samples I’ve already got.

    Only somewhat-major things it is really lacking are the ability to sync to a midi clock (that would make it absolutely stellar), and the ability to save a loop to build on on-the-fly. Right now, you have to “fix” the phrase you’ve built to set an undo point, basically. Then once that is saved you can improvise over it and add the improvisation to the phrase you’re looping. But — audio stops when you save what you’re doing, and you can’t undo without saving what you’re doing. So… when you’re live, you’re live.

    I record loops from it as clips in Live, and that gives me a little more leeway to build simpler phrases on the unit itself.

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