Quick Music Update

SenseSurface lets you attach physical controls to an LCD screen directly over the on-screen controls. Pretty neat in theory but not sure how it would work in practice. Perhaps a secondary monitor, with all these stuck to it would be handy? Not very portable though.

I just grabbed Intua Beatmaker for my iPhone. I’ll post up a review and maybe some samples in a bit.

Jamming with folks again reminds me that I need to upgrade my copy of Ableton Live to take advantage of the tempo nudge feature, if nothing else. Playing with folks that aren’t midi-synced to your perfectly synced performance makes things a little wonky and that tempo nudge would simplify staying in sync with live musicians.

I need piles of money so I can get all the gear I want. Still need a padKontrol, and I’ve been eyeing tons of other stuff… I also need more space so I can start bending these toy keyboards I bought months ago.

I’ve got a gig coming up at Beyond on July 23. My set will be a combination of live and DJ stuff, and should be good times. Come out and buy me a beer!

New demo mix coming soon, hopefully.

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