Live DJ Set @ Gelman Iscariot (Seattle, WA)

My good friend Andrew (Kid Amiga) invited me out to play his latest party in Seattle this past weekend. I’d never been to Seattle. It is a neat city from what I saw, and the party people out there are good folks. I don’t get many opportunities to play psytrance here in DC, so I figured I’d drop some on the west coast. People dug it.

Anyway, I recorded my set. 54:08 of full-on psytrance. I’m mostly happy with it save a couple transitions and the fact that I didn’t pay any attention to harmonic mixing, but considering I bought most of the tracks on Thursday night, and got 2 hours of sleep between then and my set, it came out okay.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Dapanji – Attention Please
Michele Adamson & Dino Psaras – Firewall (GMS Remix)
Ananda Shake – America’s Dream
Indra – Killing The Music
Brainiac – Hyperphysics
Dapanji – LSD 25
Dark Psy – Nord Is Back
Dark Nebula – Orbital Elevator
RypTide – Untitled Weirdness Outro

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