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Quickie Halloween Mix

Threw this together late last night. All tracks I hadn’t warped yet so the warping might be a little off in places, and I know the phrasing is off in two of the transitions due to one of my favorite things about psytrance — the tricky little beat-skip. Here it is anyway.
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New Download: Live DJ Set from Beyond 10/03/2007

Hello again, folks!

I’ve rendered to audio my set at Beyond on 10/03/2007 and made it available for download here. Ableton Live is really handy that way. Instead of hauling around some sort of recording device, or having the laptop have to actually record audio as I’m playing, I can have it record my key presses, knob twists and fader movements and render the whole set out as audio. Makes it easy to tear down when you need to clear a small DJ booth, and makes your laptop less likely to crash and burn while recording your audio as wav directly onto the disc.
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I’m Playing this Wednesday @ Beyond!

Hey folks!

I’m playing from 8:00pm to 9:30pm at Beyond this Wednesday, October 3rd.

I’ll be playing a mixture of psydub, deep house, trip-hop, ambient, acid jazz, etc. The venue is awesome, with cheap appetizers and beer, and the vibe is really chill.

Hope to see you all there!

Progressive Psytrance Mix – Metanoia

Ok, so the mix isn’t new but the website is, so I’m calling the mix new to make things simple. This is my first full-length published mix made with Ableton Live. This is definitely more on the progressive end than the psytrance end of things, but there are psytrance elements and most of the artists are psytrance artists. It starts off very mellow and ramps up to some more full-on stuff at the end. Some highlights for me are the first two Vibrasphere tracks, and then the X-Noise, Digitalis and Shuma tracks towards the end.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you’ve already enjoyed it I hope you enjoy it again!

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Coming Soon…

Pardon my dust while I launch a brand new I plan to post more material more frequently, including a podcast of short mixes of various styles at random intervals. This will be the place to be to find out about my upcoming events and what I’m up to, music-wise. For other stuff, keep checking out my personal blog at or my tumblelog, various sundries.

If you’re looking for some older mixes that were up here, sit tight. I will get those back up soon, and into a more reasonable structure amongst these pages.