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Live DJ Set @ The Blue House 08/23/2008

Here’s a recording of my latest set, played at a friend’s birthday party in August. I haven’t listened through it so I make no guarantees as to its quality. Unfortunately the recording I normally do internally with Ableton Live did not work so I’m relying on the external recording that was done.

Tracklisting (I think):

Tripswitch – Shamanic Tea (Manasseh Remix)
Illy Noiz – Don’t Break My Heart (Backbone Remix)
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Summertime (Hybrid Remix)
Matthew Adams – No More, Anymore! (Elusive Remix)
Illy Noiz – Viberreal
Akufen – Installation
Alexkid – Love We Have (w. Ian James Whitelaw)
Akufen – Deck The House
Akufen – Jeep Sex
Robag Wruhme- Wortkabular
Tiefschwarz – Benedict
Deadmau5 – 1981
Feist – My Man My Moon (Damage On The Backseat Remix)
Samantha James – Rise (Johnny Fiasco Mix)

New Download: Live DJ Set @ Beyond 07/23/2008

Here’s my set from this Wednesday. The last track was cut a little short. At some point I’ll re-upload a file that doesn’t have five minutes of silence on the end, too…


Ott – From Trunch To Stromness
Asura – La Chanson de Carla
Shpongle – A New Way To Say “Hooray”
Ott – The Queen Of All Everything
Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblins (“It’s Turtles All The Way Down” Mix)
Entheogenic – Spaced (Shulman Remix)
Hooverphonic – 2 Wicky
Digital Mystery Tour – The Blooming
Celtic Cross – Khatmandu
Ott – Rogue Bagel
Tripswitch – Roll Your Own (Youth vs. Subsonar Remix)
Tripswitch – Deer Park
Tripswitch – Indigo
Tripswitch – Tomahna (Kuba Remix)
Ott – 382 Seaside
Abakus – Apricots
Thievery Corporation – Exilio (Rewound By Thievery Corporation)
Younger Brother – All I Want

Funk The War

A friend of mine asked me to record a 90-minute mix for Funk The War, which is planned for March 19, 2008 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. This mix will be the part of the soundtrack for bunches of students dancing in the streets of Washington, DC in a peaceful (at least I hope it stays peaceful) protest of the Iraq War.

Most of the tracks are edited in some way by me, on the fly by extending, adding breakdowns, glitches, sampling some of my own original loops, etc. Fun stuff.



01. Freestylers – Feel The Panic (Banned Mix)
02. Edwin Starr – War (King Britt Remix)
03. Cevin Fisher – Music Saved My Life (Pete Heller Remix)
04. Camille Jones – The Creeps (Dance Edit)
05. Deadmau5 – 1981 (Original Mix)
06. Michael Jackson – Thriller (Electro Mix)
07. Kasabian – Me Plus One (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
08. The Crystal Method – Born Too Slow (Deepsky Green Absinthe Dub Mix)
09. Hybrid – Dogstar (feat. Perry Farrell)
10. Ctrl-Z – Chemistry
11. The Doors – Break On Through (BT Rmx)
12. Myagi – Funkgrinder (Dopamine Remix)
13. Digitalis – The Ride (Kid Blue Remix)
14. Myagi – Absent From Skull (Splitloop Mix)
15. Screwface – The Day The Earth Stood Still
16. Tone Deaf Junkies – Noxious
17. Lemon Slide – Bust A Cap In Ya S
18. Black & White – Punisher

Quickie Halloween Mix

Threw this together late last night. All tracks I hadn’t warped yet so the warping might be a little off in places, and I know the phrasing is off in two of the transitions due to one of my favorite things about psytrance — the tricky little beat-skip. Here it is anyway.
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New Download: Live DJ Set from Beyond 10/03/2007

Hello again, folks!

I’ve rendered to audio my set at Beyond on 10/03/2007 and made it available for download here. Ableton Live is really handy that way. Instead of hauling around some sort of recording device, or having the laptop have to actually record audio as I’m playing, I can have it record my key presses, knob twists and fader movements and render the whole set out as audio. Makes it easy to tear down when you need to clear a small DJ booth, and makes your laptop less likely to crash and burn while recording your audio as wav directly onto the disc.
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