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Homeless Mustard sings Radiohead’s “Creep”

This guy’s got some talent.

Techno Jeep

This is really cool. Makes me want to do some field recording for samples.

Music: The Universal Language

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale at World Science Festival 2009.

Neat stuff!

It Will Be Mine

Oh yes.

I got word from my awesome Sweetwater rep. today that my APC40 will ship on the 29th or 30th of the month. I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing.

Thankfully, it works with Ableton Live 7 as well as 8 because I am still stuck on 7 at the moment. Upgrading has not been in the budget with Capitals playoff tickets being added to the expenses. They should just add 4 rounds of playoff tickets to season ticket packages, and simply reimburse or credit account holders the difference if the team is eliminated early or doesn’t make the playoffs. Would make budgeting much easier.

Live DJ Set @ DCRaves Radio House Party 5/9/2009

I played the second DC Raves Radio House Party on Saturday Night and recorded my set.

A lot of the same tracks I played in Seattle, but some other stuff too. All psytrance with some breaks thrown in for good measure.

At least my laptop didn’t crash halfway through this time, which is good.


Ananda Shake – America’s Dream
Indra – Killing The Music
Braniac – Hyperphysics
Dapanji – Attention Please
Dapanji – LSD 25
CPU – Expander
Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul (Club Mix)
Dylan Rhymes feat. Pablo Decoder – Ctrl Z Remix
CPU – Music
CPU – Morning Drop

Live DJ Set @ Gelman Iscariot (Seattle, WA)

My good friend Andrew (Kid Amiga) invited me out to play his latest party in Seattle this past weekend. I’d never been to Seattle. It is a neat city from what I saw, and the party people out there are good folks. I don’t get many opportunities to play psytrance here in DC, so I figured I’d drop some on the west coast. People dug it.

Anyway, I recorded my set. 54:08 of full-on psytrance. I’m mostly happy with it save a couple transitions and the fact that I didn’t pay any attention to harmonic mixing, but considering I bought most of the tracks on Thursday night, and got 2 hours of sleep between then and my set, it came out okay.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Dapanji – Attention Please
Michele Adamson & Dino Psaras – Firewall (GMS Remix)
Ananda Shake – America’s Dream
Indra – Killing The Music
Brainiac – Hyperphysics
Dapanji – LSD 25
Dark Psy – Nord Is Back
Dark Nebula – Orbital Elevator
RypTide – Untitled Weirdness Outro

Live @ DCRaves Radio House Party 3/14/2009

On Saturday, the DCRaves Radio Show hosted a house party to raise money for some equipment. Here’s my set from the night.


Kliment – Secondary Motion (RypTide’s Live Edit)
Liquid Soul – Love in Stereo (Jerome Ismael Remix)
Funkagenda – Breakwater (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
Kliment – World of Crystal
Sidekick – Deepfear (Andrea Roma Remix)
Vibrasphere – Isolation
Dino Lenny & Sundan – Cocaine 2009 (Lenny Amnesia Remix)
Eric Entrena & D-Unity – Drugs & Stuff (DNox & Beckers Remix)
Logiztik Sounds – Crazy People (DNox & Beckers Remix)
Dylan Ryhmes feat. Pablo Decoder – I Am Sweet (Ctrl-Z Remix)

I got nothin’

(via Create Digital Music)

This is the greatest music vizualizer ever

(via gizmodo and make and synthtopia)

Live DJ Set @ The Blue House 08/23/2008

Here’s a recording of my latest set, played at a friend’s birthday party in August. I haven’t listened through it so I make no guarantees as to its quality. Unfortunately the recording I normally do internally with Ableton Live did not work so I’m relying on the external recording that was done.

Tracklisting (I think):

Tripswitch – Shamanic Tea (Manasseh Remix)
Illy Noiz – Don’t Break My Heart (Backbone Remix)
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Summertime (Hybrid Remix)
Matthew Adams – No More, Anymore! (Elusive Remix)
Illy Noiz – Viberreal
Akufen – Installation
Alexkid – Love We Have (w. Ian James Whitelaw)
Akufen – Deck The House
Akufen – Jeep Sex
Robag Wruhme- Wortkabular
Tiefschwarz – Benedict
Deadmau5 – 1981
Feist – My Man My Moon (Damage On The Backseat Remix)
Samantha James – Rise (Johnny Fiasco Mix)